Diary of a Spider…and more cute critter stories

Collect the entire library of Scholastic Storybook Treasures and read along on screen with your favorite classic children’s stories, brought vividly to life on DVD.

DIARY OF A SPIDER (Written by Doreen Cronin, Illustrated by Harry Bliss,
Narrated by Angus T. Jones) This spider is a lot like a normal kid – he goes to gym class and has Grandparents Day at school. But he also gets to spin sticky webs, take wind-catching lessons, and have a fly as a best friend!

ROBERTO THE INSECT ARCHITECT (Written and Illustrated by Nina Laden, Narrated by Sean Hayes) Roberto the termite travels to the big city to follow his dream of becoming a successful architect.

NORMAN THE DOORMAN (Written and Illustrated by Don Freeman, Narrated by Mary Beth Hurt) Norman, the guard of the Art Museum, is surprised when his sculpture wins first prize in a contest.

THE MYSTERIOUS TADPOLE (Written and Illustrated by Steven Kellogg, Narrated by Neil Innes) Lewis’s birthday gift appears to be a tadpole, but it turns out to be much, much more!

BONUS STORY: THE STORY OF THE DANCING FROG (Written and Illustrated by Quentin Blake, Narrated by Amanda Plummer) Gertrude and George, the dancing frog, go on a whirlwind theatrical tour.

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Diary of a Spider...and more cute critter stories
Diary of a Spider...and more cute critter stories

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