Make Way for Ducklings…and more delightful duck stories

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MAKE WAY FOR DUCKLINGS (Written and Illustrated by Robert McCloskey) In this beloved children’s classic, Mr. and Mrs. Mallard look for the perfect spot to raise their young, and find it in the most unlikely place.

THE STORY ABOUT PING (By Marjorie Flack, Illustrated by Kurt Wiese) A young duck gets separated from his family, and meets a new friend. The two search for Ping’s family and they set off on a series of exciting adventures together.

THE UGLY DUCKLING (By Hans Christian Andersen, Illustrated by Jerry Pinkney, Narrated by Lynn Whitfield) Only a mother could love this ugliest of ducklings who is teased for his awkward appearance. But seasons change – and so does he – into a graceful swan.

ANGUS AND THE DUCKS (Live Action – based on the book by Marjorie Flack) What’s making all of that noise on the other side of the hedge? When the door to Angus’s house is left open, this curious pup gets his chance to find out.


CAT AND CANARY (Written and Illustrated by Michael Foreman) While his owner is away at work, Cat’s unlikely friend Canary shows him a great time.

WINGS: A TALE OF TWO CHICKENS (Written and Illustrated by James Marshall) Winnie unknowingly goes on a balloon ride with a sly fox. Can sensible Harriet rescue her?

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Parents' Choice Approved, 2004; Oppenheim Gold Award (DVD), 2004;

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Make Way for Ducklings...and more delightful duck stories
Make Way for Ducklings...and more delightful duck stories

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